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A very weird San Francisco only secret societies know about. An armchair tour and multimedia book Holy Grail coded architecture in Haight Ashbury, San Francisco. A secret language of lost epic histories hidden in plain sight, covering whole houses like story books. An emmersive experience with videos, text, photos, music, and interactive maps of the coded Victorians in Haight Ashbury. A side of San Francisco that only secret societies knew about until now.

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Coded History

San Francisco has a secret. Each Victorian building is a chapter of an epic storybook in coded symbols. The same as the hieroglyphs of Egypt. They tell the secret histories of the people in the Bible and who they really were. Also some of their adventures we didn't learn in Sunday school. Holy Grail San Francisco evidence in coded art, streets, and architecture. Interactive multi media book with videos, music, text, interactive maps and photo slideshows. By art historian D.A Hodgson. (You are Here) Get the digital multimedia book below. Learn why the Victorians are of very historical and cultural importance. Help raise awareness to protect the Victorian buildings of San Francisco from being destroyed by developers.

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